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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency born in 2013 as a fast/fun coin with tons of potential. Doge has stood the test of time and we support Bitcoin/Crypto as a whole with a friendly Shiba Inu guiding the way.


The goal of this site is to develop and track large scale donations using Dogecoin. A fun idea, reputable charity or great cause all together. This is not new for Doge and the positive publicity greatly helps our awareness, adoption, value and more - while doing a lot of good along the way.   

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   Voting round over. Help share the cause! does not host a donation wallet or take a percentage.

Once an idea is set we work with registered groups/charities to educate and help them create their own Doge wallet, so they may facilitate and publish their own donate address. This gives full transparency with 100% toward the current cause!

Doge accomplishments!

Just a few of many

Jamaican Bobsled - Raised $30k to send a Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics

Doge4Water - Raised $50k to provide clean water toward the crisis in Kenya

Nascar - Raised $50k to wrap a dogecoin car at the Talledaga Superspeedway

Doge Folding - Donating Doge computer power study a variety of cancers

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Current Donation


Doge for Dogs - Chicago

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Start Date: 3/18/21


One Tail at a Time is an amazing charity helping to rescue dogs from overcrowded shelters, in need of finding a forever home. They are a well organized group and even opened their own vet clinic!  They loved to hear all about Dogecoin.

Where to visit/donate:

$18,142 RAISED


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